Piano Lessons


     We have several options for piano lessons here at Hooked on Music:

  •  30 min Private Piano Lessons $75/mo
  • 45 min Private Piano Lessons  $90/mo
  • 60 min Semi-Private Lessons
  • $65/mo 
  • Private 30 min + 15 Lab $80
  • Private 30 min + 30 min Lab $95

Musical Lab includes: Theory, Sight reading with Piano Marvel, Note reading, Ear Training,  Rhythm drills, and other composition skills.  

There is an annual registration fee of $35 per new student.  $25 for returning students.  This pays for folders, incentives, ear phone and lab use.

    There is a $4 discount for each sibling enrolled at the same time.

Registration Fee and Studio Policies

  • Annual Registration Fee:

       New Students - $35; Returning Students $25

Festival Registration Fees: $10 per Festival

Summer Camp Supply Fee:  $5 per camp

Please email janet.hookedonmusic@gmail.com for Studio Policies and Registration Forms.

Piano Lessons in YOUR home

One of our teachers will travel to your home to teach a 30 or 45 min private lesson.  Prices are as follows:

  • 30 min lesson $80/mo
  • 45 min lesson $105/mo