Summer Camps

Come Join the Fun!

  Musical Skills Camp

*4-5 yr olds: 1 hour/ M-W/ $25 a camp

*6-8 yr olds: 1hr /M-W /$30 a camp

*9-12 yr olds: 1hr & 1/2/ M-W/ $35 a camp

Each camp has a $5 supply fee. Ask about our discounts if you are signing up for more then one camp or have more then one family member.

Skills they will build:

‣ Learning about musical terms through fun team, building games

‣ Building Instruments, and getting hands on experience

‣ Learning to communicate with each other through music, dancing and singing and much more!

Musical Games

Theory is boring for most kids.  Come learn it the fun way with 'Hands On' games and prizes

Piano Marvel Camps

Take the hassle out of getting your kids to Practice in the Summer.  Let us do it for you with Piano Marvel.  Piano Marvel is an Online music program that teaches note reading, rhythm, hymns, and much more.  Come for 30 min 4 days a week for only $18 a week and let us and Piano Marvel help your kids progress through the summer.  Incentive given for every line passes off!